About us


In the year 2000, the Italian Nazzareno Marinangeli, together with the Romanian associates, decided to start a textile company in Romania, in lohn system: Manufactura Turnu Magurele.

Manufactura stands out through a high degree of profesionalism, working together with different Italian fashion brands.

In 2008, Nazzareno Marinangeli created the Grizley brand, which was born under a lucky star, with a unite management team, vaste experience and not lastly, the wish to prove that “made in romania” can become a thing to be proud of.

In the year 2010, the brand Altfel Fashion is born for the Italian market, at the designer’s Nazzareno Marinangeli initiative.

In the year 2013 the Altfel brand comes into the Romanian market under the motto “FII ALTFEL” (“BE DIFFERENT”).

Through hard work, passion and determination, we are today a strong company, which creates and produces for both foreign and Romanian partners, with a very determined goal “producing high quality clothes”.

Using high quality textile materials and qualified labour, we make the previously mentioned statement not just a simple selling motto.

Right now our designs can be found in 6 shops in the Southern area of the country: Turnu Magurele, Alexandria, Craiova, Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Slatina, Caracal, as well as the on-line shop: www.altfelfashion.ro.